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Lecanis Nih
21 September 1980
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I am me, what more can I tell you?

Not much, really. Lately I've been more caught up in a forum than livejournal or other online things, so I haven't posted many real blog entries. However, after months of reading various anime fanfiction, I've finally started writing some of my own, so that's mostly what you'll find on my livejournal. My first real story is a from the Naruto fandom, and it's Iruka-centric. (Which anyone following me here from Mylot won't be surprised by!)

Personal stuff about me: I write a ton of poetry. My poetry is on a separate blog, and I'll post the link on my profile here too.

I'm a bisexual, a pagan, a wife, a mother, a survivor of abuse, a volunteer whenever possible, and a dreamer always.

Naruto •∞• Iruka

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