Pandora Hearts Fandom Survey!

For an upcoming essay in my English class, I'll be writing about our fandom as a community. So if you wouldn't mind participating, please fill out a short form for me and paste it into a reply to this post (responses are screened). Feel free to do as much or as little of it as you like.

Name or username I can use:
Time in fandom:
Sites you frequent: This can be specific communities or just a broad site like 'tumblr'.
Fandom activities you take part in: RP, art, fic, discussion, translation, etc?
Reasons why you like this series itself:
General impression of the fandom: (or your segment of it)
Do you think your life or friendships would change if you left fandom activities? Have they changed your life or created new friendships for you, offline as well as online?
Anything else you'd like to say!